Saturday, February 2, 2013

Container Love

Over at The Polohouse, Alison has shared some of her favorite containers and has asked others to share their favorites as well. I hesitated to join in since I have only been blogging for a few months, but really, it was just too much fun to pass up.  If I said I couldn't contain my joy over this idea, that would be too corny, right?

This box is a new favorite of mine. It's rough and old and out of a northern factory.  I like it, because of, not despite of its rough nature and used it this fall for a display.

This wicker tray has been a fun container as well. Above, it was used for a winter night display. Below evergreens and pine cones were added to the tray for a display on the breakfast table.

This olive jar has been a container I love to use; here it is used as a simple vase for hydrangeas and below for holding our bird tree at Christmas time.

Apothecary jars are great ways to show off your collections. Here one holds a bird's nest and another holds eggs. The glass container has bird seed as the anchor for a candle. Ribbon around the jars is one way to bring color to the vignette.

This cloche holds a vintage style clock on top of an old mini urn.  A simple look that was added to our New Year's Eve display.

This lantern has been used indoors and out to hold candles and other items. 

The birdcage below became a container of sorts by displaying  a nest holding a heart for a Valentine's Day vignette.

The basket below is proof that you don't need to spend a lot of money on a container. This was a wired plant container that was revamped after the plant was long gone. The lining and clips were removed and the collection of spools and string were placed inside.

 Below are containers in waiting. The container immediately below was purchased at Home Goods for $16.00. I think there are so many possibilities for filling this container from flowers to beverages in ice during the summer outdoor parties.

The faux handles are what first caught my eye while in the store.

And finally, the last container in waiting is this egg basket found in an antique store in Davidson, NC. So many more possibilities for this basket other than eggs.

Containers really are a creative way to add interest to the decor of your home. Thanks, Alison, for the inspiration!

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  1. you have some wonderful things for holding goodies! That piece from Home Goods is amazing, it looks like antique ironstone, right down to the handles!

  2. You have some gorgeous vignettes. Can't wait to see what you do with the extra pieces. Great job.


  3. You have a wonderful talent for putting vignettes together! Wish we had a Home Goods here. I feel like I really miss out on some fun goodies.

  4. Oooh, what a great collection of containers! And you display them so nicely! I really have trouble with vignettes -- I never know what to do and I never think they look right. You've got a gift!! I love the wire basket and the blue olive jar -- so pretty! ~Angela~

  5. Love seeing all your containers. I think I have that same wicker tray. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby last summer.

  6. These are just great containers and the vignettes you made using them are wonderful! I got so many good ideas from seeing your photos like turning the little urn upside down for a display item and for using lanterns for more than just candles. Thanks for taking time to share your home with us.

  7. What a fun party to link to. You have some fabulous containers with lovely vignettes of all kinds. I'm partial to the lantern, birdcage, and cloche.
    Mary Alice

  8. Oh I love them all. YOu do have some lovely displays and I totally adore you cloche with the clock. Can't wait to see what you do at the "Cloche" party. Hugs, Marty

  9. This is an awesome post! It's so neat to see how you repurpose the same containers in a new and different way. Love that winter night tray.

    I'm your newest follower!

    - The Tablescaper

  10. so many beautiful vignettes and now these pretty new pieces to work with, wow..

    cant wait to see what you'll do.

  11. Soooo many pretty images here!
    I love the wicker trays and pinecones, the wooden crates and
    the clock under your cloche!

    Your blog header is simply fantastic. Those sweet little birds
    just make me smile from the second your blog page loads...

    Thanks so much for sharing at Favorites on the First!

  12. Gosh, you have a wonderful selection of containers. The olive jar is so pretty and I LOVE LOVE the basket with pine cones and little trees. The balls of crochet thread are so textural. My mom used to crochet, and had a lot of those..wish I had some now. They look so nice in your vignettes.
    Visiting from Alison's Favorites on the First party,

  13. Hi!
    I'm visiting from Alison's party at The Polohouse. Lovely vignette and I think the wire baskets are great!

  14. Your wicker tray and olive container are so pretty. Such a lovely post! First time stopping by your blog. I like all of your collections!

  15. You have created beautiful vignettes with the containers. I especially love the little tree in the basket and the strings and bobbins. I just found your lovely blog and I am now a new follower. xx, Sherry

  16. Glad you decided to join in and share your containers. It's obvious you have fun creating lovely vignettes. Your new containers in waiting were great finds. Have fun filling them! '-)

  17. You have such great ideas! I love the way you use things differently, even just the idea of turning the box on its side and putting the tree in the little blue jar. So creative and each one is adorable. I could hardly choose a favorite.

  18. :D I love every single vignette you've shared with us. I depend on talented bloggers like you for inspiration because I'm vignette challenged, LOL!

    Linking from The Polo House,
    Ricki Jill

  19. Each one is beautiful, and the vignettes are too.


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