Tuesday, February 5, 2013

 One Shelf at a Time

How do you approach a room makeover? Sometimes before I redo a room I can see the after picture before one wall is painted or piece of furniture is moved. (Sometimes)  This is not the case with our great room. It feels like a large room because of the tall walls and vaulted ceiling. In reality it's not that large but for the last few years it has looked like an "unanchored" room that we float through on the way to the den, kitchen and master bedroom. I am very guilty of not putting something somewhere just to fill the open space. I'm okay with that...no need to have things we don't particularly like in our home just to fill space. But I am also guilty of letting that theory lead to...so just do nothing. 

Well, blogging has been the nudge I need to say, "No...the areas you can improve now, do now even if it's just one area or one piece that can be restyled." Which brings me to our bookshelf. I don't think I have even looked at it except to dust it the last few years. I need something to go over and on it but haven't been able to find what I want... so I've just averted my eyes away from the bookshelf as I pass through the room...until yesterday.

Here is a picture of what the bookshelf looked like before:

Books and pictures... and books and pictures...

And here is the first step to warming up our great room by refeathering the bookshelf:

Ivory dishes, like the McCoy piece above  and the flea market finds below were added to the bookshelf.

Some pieces were given added height by being placed on books that were grouped by color.

The ivory theme was continued by turning the books page forward and adding hydrangeas to a wicker basket on top of the bookshelf.

The wicker boxes were placed to add height to the bookshelf and to complement a wicker try on the coffee table. I think an architectural piece would look good behind the boxes maybe leaning against the tall wall. My eyes are always scanning for something when I am shopping, especially in antique and flea markets.

So there it is... a first step (or shelf) in the direction of addressing the great room dilemma. They don't all have to be giant reveals, right? At least that's what I'm telling myself. It's  about progress not perfection. 

Here's to progress! Thanks so much for the visit!

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  1. It looks great!!! I am definitely going to be checking back here to see how you did this when I get ready to organize my shelves in my workshop. I have NO IDEA how I'm going to get them to look good, seriously!! This bookshelf thing is a mystery to me. Nice! ~Angela~

  2. Wow, Melinda, what a fantastic difference that made in your bookshelf to re-arrange things in/on there. One time I put a bookcase on my blog and asked for suggestions and everyone said that it had too many books in it. Now I have totally changed it and it looks much lighter. I think the bookshelves themselves are very handsome! I am going to paint an armoire black and then distress it...I hope it looks similar to your bookcases when I get finished. They will be my inspiration.

  3. Wow you make me want to get and work on my book shelf in my studio/cretive space. I love all the white.

  4. Love your bookcases no matter what you have on them but everything looks just lovely! I always have a hard time with bookcases.

  5. It is so crazy that simply rearranging the bookcase can make such a difference in a room. I love the display.

  6. Melinda - You did a fantastic job of rearranging your bookcase shelves! They look so good! I especially like the white pieces against the dark bookcase. Great job!


  7. I really like the change and LOVE your McCoy piece and other white pieces. I like McCoy and Haeger pieces, too..and in creamy white. The white pieces really pop against the dark background.

  8. Your bookcase is gorgeous, I love the paint color and rustic finish. This is a beautiful anchor piece and I really like the way you've arranged all your treasures. Great job.

  9. It looks awesome Melinda! I love books and am guilty of a shelf in our living room looking like it's about to throw up books! Your's has breathing room now, and I love all the creamy touches. So out of curiousity, what did you do with all the books?

  10. Love your new look, the elements are perfect and so well arranged. Good choices!!

  11. I not only love your pretty display I love those pretty bookcases!!

  12. Melinda,
    You have done a beautiful job with displaying on your bookcase...it looks outstanding!! Loveall the ironstone.


  13. Nice job with your displays and I really like the addition of the square baskets on top. Isn't it true that blogging gives us the much needed nudge to work on area of our homes that aren't quite what we want them to be? I like it! Patti@OldThingsNew

  14. I've taken to (taken to...yep I'm a southern gal) replying to comments by email but I thought I would share the answer to Deborah's question...it's a good one. The books that didn't remain in the bookshelf now reside in the shelves underneath behind the doors (the paperbacks) or in our armoire in the master bedroom. I doubt all the books that were moved to the armoire will remain. I'm kind of in a "let's group our colors" mood and they represent the rainbow. I did pull all the hard bound books in red already...probably will use them for vignettes at Christmas etc. That's what books are for right...decorative accessories? Did you feel that...all the great authors of long ago just rolled over in their graves.

  15. Great job restyling the bookcase. Love the addition of all the white, so pretty. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. Wow! you just Wowed me! I love this blog .. I have been reading past post and just love your style..

  17. I think it looks wonderful & freshened up!

  18. It's a beautiful piece to begin with. Your changes gave it more personality.

  19. Your shelf redo is beautiful! Love the changes you made.
    Mary Alice

  20. I'm stopping by from the link party at Green Willow Pond, and I just have to say that your book shelves are gorgeous all by themselves! How you've styled them is beautiful, I love that you have some books turned spines in and some spines out, it makes it look pretty and unintentional.

  21. LOVE the bookshelf and LOVE the arrangement! I am totally stealing some of your ideas for decorating shelves - that's one of my weak points! Thanks for sharing!!

    Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

  22. Melinda, I love the new look! It's much more inviting. I have the same dilema with our great room. We have the tall 20 ft. ceiling. Difficult, in my opinion to make it seem cozy. Because of my love for vintage I try working old in with the new. On our largest wall I have a couple of old windows and a large picture I framed of a canvas with the word Peace in various languages. I purchased the canvas on sale from Pottery Barn. Still, not quite the look I'm going for. I've never had a problem filling a space up. Hee-hee! But this one is a bit difficult.

  23. Those book cases are absolutely gorgeous - would LOVE to have them in my home - and just adore the way you " feathered " them -
    beautiful job!
    Definitely your newest follower! ( would love a follow back when you have the time)


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