All Is Calm, All Is Bright

Friday, December 12, 2014

Calm ivory and silver with a punch of bright blue best describes the theme in the great room this Christmas.  I thought I would share a few pictures from the room's Christmas decor.

Blue packages and ribbon...

are added to the more calming colors of silver as seen in this collection of ornaments (both new and vintage) along with ivory ribbon used throughout the room.

The bright blues used in the tree topper match the packages under the tree.

 Finally, silver and ivory houses are added to the console. A collection of ivory bottle brush trees complement the trees beside each house.

A quick glimpse during this hectic time of year...hoping you have a little calm to balance out all the excitement the season brings.
Merry Christmas!

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Takin' A Cotton To Christmas

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

There's something about the soft, white and natural look of a cotton boll vine that just says Christmas.  So this year I have added them to the greenery and wreath on our banister along with a small tree on the console at the bottom of the stairs.

Adding sheep and antique spools of thread just seem to complete the cotton vignette.

I have a collection of sheep handmade by Colin's Creatures. He is located in Asheville, NC and travels the world sketching and studying all breeds of sheep before he begins carving and creating the flock.

The spools of thread came from an old cotton mill which once stood in our town.

 A peaceful spot to count my blessings instead of sheep.

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Coastal Christmas Dining Room

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Merry Christmas!

On this rainy and cold Saturday in North Carolina, I thought I'd warm things up a little by celebrating Christmas coastal style.


 I added coastal touches to our dining room this summer and decided to "roll with the tide" and make things festive incorporating the existing decor this Christmas season.

 A clam shell with an assortment of shells and two vintage ornaments which belong to my grandmother, coral, a seahorse, candle, present and tree were added to this wicker tray on the side buffet.

I did a little gasp when I unpacked the box of ornaments from Mimi's house to find two the perfect shade for our dining room.  I think they look like giant colored pearls among the shells.  I always light a candle for my dad when I'm missing him.  No better time than Christmas to place a candle in honor of the ones we love among our lovelies.

A starfish placed on a Japanese fishing float and a driftwood star bring Christmas and the ocean together.

The linen and burlap ornaments on the tree came to me last December after I stumbled onto a fellow blogger's post and commented that I really liked them.  The comment entered me into a drawing.  If you, dear blogger, were the one who sent these to me would you comment or send me an email. I can't tell you how I've looked for the card that accompanied them and searched through emails looking for your name and the name of your blog. I would love to give you credit for the beautiful ornaments and sweet gesture.  Burlap and blue ribbon along with shells also adorn the buffet tree.

I hope everyone is staying warm and cozy on this cold December day.  Thanks so much for visiting!

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Christmas Corner

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I am sharing a little corner of Christmas decor in our bonus room today.

As you can see the plaid pattern is repeated many times in this vignette. The inspiration was this little Santa at the bottom of the tree. A similar Santa is a topper for the tree as well.

 Plaid ribbons were added to our flocked tree.

 Do you see the date on this Christmas ornament that belongs to my husband? That's right, 1983. My mother was actually the one who purchased this for Charles our senior year in high school.  This ornament, along with a few others, is a type of miracle in our home.  It is one of the few sentimental Christmas decorations that made it through our house fire in 2008.

The books and lantern are all antiques.

The lantern belonged to my husband's grandfather.  This red keepsake had to have a place in our Christmas decor this year.

I really enjoyed adding all our girls' ornaments and a few that made it from our youth to our family tree.  The flocked tree was purchased at Lowes and is a new addition this year. Man, oh man, I never knew how easy decorating an artificial tree is.  My father had a Christmas tree farm when I was young and to this day we always get an Ashe County tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Our real tree is in our great room. I will share that tree in a later post.  But let me say that after zipping through decorating this tree, the decorating of the real tree seemed a little frustrating on hour number four! But as the tree farmers say, "Real trees make good scents"!

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Hometalk: Bathroom Shelf Design Ideas

Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Friday! 

I was excited to be asked by Hometalk to curate a board featuring bathroom shelf design ideas.  It really was a lot of fun searching out all the creative ways people have added interest and style to their bathrooms with this design feature.  I picked 15 of my favorite shelf designs  (along with our recent addition of a shelf in our master bath) and would love it if you jumped over to Hometalk by clicking here to get a closer look at bathroom shelf design ideas.

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The Big Reveal: Master Bath Remodel

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I learned quite a few things on this remodel. I'm not talking about the obvious things like inspectors don't give a hoot about schedules, specifically, your schedule.  They will be there on such and such day so just be there so they can get in when they get there. We all know that scenario.

 I'm not talking about the inlays or paint colors or the fact that most of the beautiful chandeliers you see hanging over gorgeous tubs in glossy magazines wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in you know where of passing code in my county. If you live in my county, it's possible you know this since I got the same spiel from two different electrical inspectors.

 No, I'm talking about the lessons you learn in the process of trying desperately to concentrate on other things. For example, I've always thought our dog Mary Grace is a good judge of character. I know it's true now. I'm pleased to report that the gentleman who did the majority of work on our bath passed the MG test with flying colors and I think she even misses Jeff now. 

Honestly the second lesson was remedial because I always knew my husband was a patient man. But man is my husband patient! God love him and his tolerance for looking at fifty shades of gray, over and over again...I'm talking paint here, people. 

Not to mention the tap on the shoulder from me at two in the morning followed by, "I'm worried about the placement of the inlay tile.  I'm just not feeling it in the middle of the floor." And him whispering, "I have every confidence you'll make it right"...instead of "you know it's two in the morning, right?"

But the biggest lesson came in the end when I was placing on the shelf the childhood picture of my sister and me enjoying our night time bath. I framed this picture when my mother gave it to me a short time after our house fire.You can get normal prints, or custom framed prints on Shutterfly. 

Pictures are the equivalent to gold bars to me since the fire. It sat beside our surround tub before the remodel, but the day I placed it back in our new bath I took a closer look.  

Then the statement I made about the claw foot tub over and over again to everyone from the project designer to friends rang in may ears. "Oh it's just really for looks. I'm a shower person.

"Can't remember the last time I took a bath instead of a shower." 

Maybe I took a soak in the tub when I hurt my back. When was that? I don't think I even filled the tub up then! 

You know, showers are so time efficient. They just make sense in busy lives.

Another look at the picture and I could hear my mother calling, "Girls, it's time to dry off."  
"But Mom the water isn't even cold yet! Five more minutes, okay?"

What happened to  that girl who didn't give a fig newton about the efficiency of time management? What happened to the little girl who would sit in the tub and form her sister's hair into the style of every Who in Whoville?

Where are you bath girl? Why can't I find you? 
And then I remembered the article my friend sent me with a quote about the importance of someone leaving your home feeling at peace, because that's the atmosphere your home, or bath in this case, exudes. This hit home with me because it was exactly what I wanted to achieve with this remodel. And I think I did. So if I did, what's the point if I don't take full advantage of every bit of peace it offers, right? Right!
Bath girl, I think I found you!

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Sneak Peek Master Bath: Styling the Shelves

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hi All! 

I thought I would give a sneak peek of our master bath remodel by sharing the  styling of shelves added above the toilet.  Only two pictures to share here before the big reveal. 

 The color palette in the bath consists of gray, hazel and white with polished nickel fixtures. I wanted to continue this with the accessories. I added my little lamb by Collin's Creations to the shelves to complement the cotton garland, cotton balls and cotton swabs.  Antique books in hues of hazel were placed on the shelves along with hazel linens. 

A picture from my childhood of my sister and me at bath time was added to a silver frame. I'll share how this picture inspired a new attitude in an upcoming post. The beauty on top was my big find of the week.

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