Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mantel Makeover

     Well the mantel is painted and all that is left to do is take an Advil for my back and remove the paint from my hair. It really was a fun project especially since my oldest daughter grabbed a paintbrush and helped with the makeover. I think the color warms up the area and anchors the mantel. I'm glad I took a cue from Kim at Savvy Southern Style and just went for it. The great thing about paint is it can always be changed so there isn't a lot of risk in jumping right in and trying something new.

First, a couple of before pictures.

And now, the After:

I'm happy with the color and the warmth it adds to the area. (I do think a rug would really help the area as well. Maybe in the near future....)

We knew this area would be a bit of a challenge but artist paintbrushes made it much less of a chore. Another coat is probably called for. Wonder if it will happen?

Vintage books, a distressed mirror and a paper white that has been moved to about every room in the house were placed in their new home on the mantel.

The nest in the apothecary jar that complemented the bird tree during Christmas was added along with the sheep purchased at Black Lion several Easters ago.

Another view of the room. The bird tree is the only Christmas decor still up. I sort of think of it as  winter decor until about mid-January and then I think of it as needing to be in the attic.

I really appreciate all the "don't worry, just go for it" comments I got. They were very reassuring as the first stroke of paint was applied. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. So glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find you. I LOVE those green sofas of your's. So nice to see someone doing some great color. I love all the white around the blogs but give me some great color like your's. Love the fireplace redo too. I'd love it if you linked up at my weekly linky party Mod Mix Monday!

  2. Oh...yeah love that patterned chair too!

  3. Thanks so much for the comment, Nita, and the invite! I will be there with bells on. I fell in love with the sofa and wanted two to flank the fireplace. We've only had the sofa and chairs for a few months. The chair, oh that chair. Fell in love with the fabric and the designer in the store was so excited because someone finally loved it as much as he. Then said chair arrived. I can only compare it to the feeling one must have when they see a good looking guy in a bar and they really stand out from the rest. Then he comes back home with you and you think, "You are too wild for me!" (Never met a guy in a bar as I've known my husband since we were in high school but this chair tells me all about the experience that I would like to know.)I HATED it, then I TOLERATED it(only because it was a custom order and couldn't be returned) and now we are friends.... but I still wouldn't marry him... he just lives here. I'd be more than happy to fix you two up! Thanks again, Melinda

  4. It looks " fabulous dahhhhhhling, simply Fabulous:) I knew it would, you have a great decor eye and know what works in your home.

    I just bought myself a heavily patterned chair in burgandy and several shades of green that I plan to work on.. I love the shape n size-- the pattern, not to much..

    I appreciate your comment on my post and lemme tell ya- you are VERY observant.. Yes I changed my header - button and some other graphics and you are the only one who's noticed so far.. of course folks are used to me changing it all the time lol..

    enjoy your weekend~!

  5. You know it looks great if I noticed, Sonny! I said, "Oh wow, nice" out loud when I visited. Here's wishing computer health to you in the new year. Melinda

  6. Oh my gosh, I loooooove that green mantel! Gorgeous! So... are you going to tell us what color you ended up using? I'm dyin' here.


  7. I love the color you chose! It all came together so beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing. -K

  8. Thanks so much, ladies. I went with my first choice.... I usually do, Dune Grass. Really should have mentioned that in this post. Thanks for asking, Angela! Melinda

  9. I LOVE it. Perfect color. I agree a rug would help. I'm thinking a sea grass rug would look nice. Good prices on All mine are from there.

  10. Melinda, this was no little job! And you painted it masterfully! The color is stunning and really makes the whole area come alive!!! A nice natural woven area rug would pull the pieces of furniture together! Lovely vist!

  11. Thanks, Kim, for the inspiration and visit! I am glad you and Yvonne agree about the rug adding to the area. Thanks so much for visiting Yvonne! I always enjoy my time at Stone Gable. Melinda

  12. Fantastic!...I so love the color!! of my favorites!..great job! the way...I am in NC too!!!

  13. WOW!!!!! i never would have thought to paint a mantle green, and it looks AMAZING!!! so fresh! beautiful job!

  14. Thank you, Ladies! I've been seeing some very impressive pictures at Housepitality Designs and Primitive & Proper! Melinda

  15. The mantle is beautiful! LOVE the beadboard and green paint! I would have never thought about using green, but it looks fabulous!! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

    Jenna @

  16. You are a brave girl to paint your mantel green! I love it! It looks fabulous! You picked the perfect shade of green!

  17. Loving the green! Your couches are awesome as well! Thanx for coming by to visit earlier. I am excited to find a new bloggy pal!

  18. The green mantel really makes such a beautiful impact in the room. I love your style, the couches and the pattern pillows/chair---just gorgeous! I'm now following your blog and look forward to exploring it more.

    Have a great day!

  19. Thanks, Angela, for the sweet comment and for following. Love your Valentine rocks...what a cute idea! Melinda

  20. Melinda! It's perfect!! You will be one of the features at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see you at the bash...that is, once I get the post live. lol. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  21. Thanks so much, Kathryn, not only for the feature but the kind words! Melinda. I will definitely be partying with you this week~ Melinda

  22. I'm the first one to vote for a white mantel, but this is fabulous!! It IS the year for GREEN!! your sofas are amazing too!!!

  23. Thanks so much, Debra. You know I had to say to myself and Charles many times, "It's just paint....It's just paint".

  24. I'm green with envy! Those sofas are stunning and the painted mantel makes them even smarter. I found you through Nita and read your About info. It's wonderful that you took something that must be one of the most heartbreaking things ever, like a fire, and turned it into a positive opportunity. I'll look forward reading backwards to see what else you've done.

  25. I have to know where you bought your sofas!

  26. Dewena, thank you so much for this comment. It was a heartbreaking experience but we were VERY lucky that our children weren't upstairs at the time (the lightning hit a gas line that ran next to our daughter's room). Every time I got frustrated with the rebuilding process or sad about a lost cherished item, I reminded myself of that and it certainly put things in the right perspective. Melinda

  27. Kayla- thanks for your interest in the sofas. They are from Bassett Furniture. Melinda

  28. Completely gorgeous! I love the green on the lovely mantel and I LOVE those green sofas and the fabulous armchair!!! Really fabulous looking!!!

  29. I'm green with envy over those couches!!!!
    It was a bold choice to paint a green mantel, but I always say do as you please! It's your space and you should enjoy and embrace being surrounded by the colors you love. It's a beautiful room...the rug will tie it all together for sure.
    Loved my visit from Jen's.

  30. Oh my green! This post had me at hello. Green is my favorite color and I'm in love with this room! So glad to have found your blog.
    I'm a new follower!

  31. Hi Melinda, I just love the green. It is so fresh and inviting! Thanks for sharing! ~Kristie


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